Bobby D. Harrell

UI/UX Developer Software Engineer

I have been a mobile software engineer since 2009. I have built and designed many apps on many platforms. My strong engineering background makes me an even stronger UI designer as I know what fits, what works, and where I can push the boundaries. I understand 508 compliance and how to maximize design while being accessible. I understand how to get the proper information for any design through research. I build mobile first, always. Starting at the smallest screen for any design, from smart watches to phones, and then working my way up to giant displays.

A UI for the UX is the design philosophy I came up with to describe how I design. No matter how beautiful the design is, if the user experience is not there, then you failed. Design is so much more than boxes on a screen, more than a tool. Design is an experience, one you want your clients to have, and to enjoy. Using an app should be a highlight to the day, not a burden.



  • August 2018 - Present

    Liberty University

    Bachelor of Fine Arts

    Graphic Design
    I have made a great career for myself but decided to go for my first college degree. I am seeking a degree in Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design. It is my goal to go after my masters once this degree is complete.


  • October 2016 - Present

    OnSolve, LLC

    Senior Mobile Engineer

    At OnSolve I serve as the Senior Mobile Lead. I am covering Xamarin, native iOS, native Android, and Native Windows Phone (deprecated). I am in charge of all app store deployments, app changes, new projects, and all APIs/ services related to mobile. I manage not only my local team but also our offshore teams, and any 3rd party groups we hire on. I also serve in other capacities here, such as backup SQL DBA, C# API Developer, Full Stack Dev, Code Reviewer, UI Designer, Project Consultant, and Subject Matter Expert.

  • December 2009 - Present

    B-Tech Labs, LLC


    B-Tech Labs, LLC is my company, I started it because I wanted to learn more about technologies. With my company, I have brought over 30 apps to the Windows Store. And many apps to HP WebOS. I used this avenue to expand not only my engineering skills but to explore and grow my designer skills. I designed many things just for fun; I took contracts to re-do existing apps or to create new apps. I worked with several companies, each with individual needs and desires. I have worked with Voice as an interface with Cortana and Alexa. I dabbled in IoT and other headless technologies. I played in designing UI for Microsoft HoloLens and Unity 3D. I am continually learning and growing here.

  • June 2008 - October 2016

    Florida House of Representatives


    At the FL House, I served as a DBA. I focused on DB Design, T-SQL, DB Maintenance, and Reporting. I designed hundreds of reports using Crystal Reports, providing the required data in the most visually compelling way. I would also write custom C# applications for various needs. While at the FL House I designed a Visual Parking application that allowed staff to see where every employee parked in each parking lot.


I have the skills to pay the bills. With my engineering background, I can design and mockup apps in ways that other designs cannot. I can build a working mockup in Xamarin and have it running on Android and iOS in no time. And I can create custom controls to enhance a UI.

  • Mobile Development
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Sketch
  • Adobe XD
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Wordpress
  • CSS
  • HTML5
  • jQuery
  • Xamarin
  • Android
  • iOS
  • SQL
  • C#
  • APIs
  • React Native

How I Design

UI for the UX

UI for the UX is the design philosophy I came up with that explains how I design. The User Interface MUST enhance the User Experience, not hinder it. A UI for the UX is not about adding more, more color, more controls, more animation, but rather about simplification, removing unnecessary clicks, content, visuals. Give the end user exactly what they need. To do this, you have to understand the end user as best as you can. An example of how much I invest in UX, I spent two weeks designing a button for a client. A simple square button. But when the UI is a bunch of buttons and some charts, then it has to be a fantastic button. The end users were non-tech factory workers. The button is responsive, intuitive, and shows the user the stats for that button, on the button. So it is easy for them to find information about a topic quickly. Worth spending even more than two weeks on a single button if you ask me.

  • Research

    In the research phase, I attempt to gather as much information as I can. Knowledge is key to designing a UX. Sometimes all I have to work with is a name, or maybe an existing site/app. Other times I can conduct End User research and discussion. Find what works and what doesn't. Research is the most tedious but vital of the phases.
  • Mock Up

    After research is complete, I begin to make many mockups. Some mockups with standard layouts, others with wild and crazy designs. In this phase, I work closely with my client to best determine the personality they want the app to have. All business and serious, fun and sarcastic, the possibilities are endless. But the choice can make or break an app.
  • Revision

    After settling in on a personality and general concept for the app, I then focus on flushing out all the different screen. I work on cohesion and consistency. Making sure that every part of the app not only screams the brand but also exudes the personality they desire.
  • Deliver

    The final app or design then goes into the clients' hands. Here I step back and watch the intake, listen for tidbits where things could be improved. And if the client needs me to, I go back to revision. A design is never complete until the client is satisfied.